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The Coda Concert House

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Scherle

It’s been an eventful past week here on the road with CDG. Our first gig was Sunday, March 1st in Joplin, MO. at the Coda House venue. My long time good friend Jeff started having concerts in his house in an effort to help raise funds for some of the victims of the terrible tornado that devastated many homes in Joplin a few years ago. Jeff’s house was spared total annihilation but a lot of his neighbors weren’t so fortunate. So after he hosted several music events to raise funds for the community, he has carried on this tradition and we finally got to play there. As everyone knows I’ve stated in past blogs that I’m not always in great shape on the first gig of a tour due to my atrophied technique from sitting around my place just playing to a metronome and not actually physically engaging in the music. At the Coda House the gig is pretty much a sold out show, very limited seating, and I’m nervous cuz’ I don’t do a lot of acoustic shows. I make a small disclaimer at the top of the show promising to pour my passion into my show and my aforementioned acoustic shortcomings be damned. As I put it – Some guitarist actually come out and shine on acoustics and can actually be brilliant at it. Me, I’m just using it as a vehicle to carry the song. I’m not brilliant on it.

The Coda Concert House

Photo courtesy of Jeff Morrow

We throw ourselves into the show and it’s going OK. I know everybody is enjoying it but I’m just uncomfortable with myself. We finally get to the point where we transition over to electric guitar and throw things into high gear. We finish the show out with another set of electric songs and as usual I’m starting to feel better about my playing near the end of the show. As if the rust is starting to break apart. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better show for me but I’m excited and grateful for Jeff letting me play at his venue.

We’ll be there next year in March. I’ve got some practicing to do.

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  • George Ladish

    Really, really wanted to make this show but unfortunately couldn’t. Glad to hear you’ll be there again next year, I plan on being there. Hope to see you before then, it’s been too long. Keep rockin’ Chris and thanks for doing what you do.

    • Traci McNally

      We really wanted to be there too, George! Next year, for sure!! It’s been way too long since we’ve seen you and Mary!

  • Steve Morrow

    Thanks so much for doing the Coda House concert. For me, seeing you “somewhat” out of your comfort zone was whst made it a highlight and it was DEFINITELY a highlight. One more Cup of Coffee was as always a “tour de force” and ending with an unbelievable version of The Star Spangled Banner? Priceless! Thanks again and look forward to seeing you up the road.

  • Scarlett Ferstl

    Heeeey! Wait a minute…. I see green, but where’s that kilt?? ; (
    Safe travels, guys!

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