Knuckleheads SaloonAaah a Zip Zoom and I Wake Up!, Do my exercising for the morning and clean up and in the van we go for the moderate drive to Kansas City, Mo. Weather is starting to warm up so you can feel the seasonal change in the air. Knucklehead’s is a great venue. Located literally right next to some railroad tracks, you often get trains coming by but due to the switching and loading up from a nearby rail yard, the trains are usually coming by at less than 20 miles an hour. They have to blow their horn due to the crossing out on the back street from the club so during the summer months they will rumble through while the band is on stage contributing to whatever song is being played. Often times when trains come near the end of the song I start to work in its sonic properties with the song I’m playing and attempt to make art of the horn and the low frequency rumbling and hum. It can be pretty cool with an industrial edge to it. But being early March and it’s a bit nippy outside we’ll be in the more insulated confines of the interior of the club on the other stage. Knucklehead’s is also run and owned by Frank. He’s a fan of the 3 Stooges and he’s a Harley rider so the name all falls into place. I always have fun when I play here.
We load in and go through a couple of things then we yield the stage to the opening band.

We’ll then just hang-out at the club in their spacious green room located upstairs above the stage. When it’s our time to play we go down and prepare our equipment again and start the show. The show starts and we’re having a bit of trouble with the monitors but for the most part we soldier through this temporary shortcoming and focus in on the songs and our abilities at hand. It’s a really good crowd that’s shown up for tonight and I’m pleased to see I still have a good fan base here in KC. I’ve been playing KC since the late 80’s when I started coming here with Jr. Medlow and the Bad Boys back at the Grand Emporium. Plus some of my first tattoos that I got were inked on me right across the street from the Emporium. All my ink is on my torso so unless I take off my shirt you wouldn’t know I have any. It’s another fun show and getting to see a lot of my longtime friends and fans is gratifying. We’re all still here, some aren’t but that’s nature. I won’t forget them and I can never forget Kansas City.
Next stop; Sioux City, Iowa…

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