dan_electros_posterWith us all meeting at my place for the departure point we quickly loaded up and it wasn’t long before Atlanta was in our rear view mirror. I had opted to leave a day early instead of driving the entire 800 plus miles to Houston and then only to fall out of the van and onto the stage to play a show. Back in my younger days it would have been no problem but now in my later years I’d rather be a bit more rested. Cost a bit more in expenses but it agrees with my core much better. So after our leisurely drive to Slidel LA., we stayed on an eastward trajectory towards Houston. The show was a bit on the early side for a weekend engagement, 9pm, since I come from the days of cutting your teeth on the 10 – 2am gigs I was eager to see how the crowd would be. We were just there in Dec. so this was really putting ourselves out there and testing our fan base’s enthusiasm. The crowd was a nice size and respectable for such a so-soon return. I warned the patrons that night before I started that I was usually questionable and often bad on my first gigs starting out a tour but I assured them I would endeavor to do my best. What I couldn’t win with technique I would compensate with passion. Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar has long been a staple in the outer ‘Heights’ neighborhood in Houston. I actually used to live not too far from Dan Electro’s and I really like the area. It’s unique in all the right ways. We actually played well that night, my aforementioned shortcomings notwithstanding, and we had a good mixture of both control and excitement. Hopefully we can put a bit of distance between our next gig there but I always look forward to playing at Dan Electro’s.

We go on to San Antonio.

  • Dale n Denise

    Hope to see you in Houston on the 10th. We love and miss you. Hope all is doing well with new record. Stay Safe my brother! Bad weather…D & D

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