big-bend-blues-bashThe Mighty Ohio River. Carving its way through PA. Ohio, KY, WV, IN and Illinois. Going into Cincinnati and Louisville and after its long journey starting from its source at the Allegheny to finally join up with the Mississippi. Today though we say hello to the Ohio in Pomeroy, OH. A little town nestled there on the banks of the Ohio and started in 1804. Used to be a port for coal and salt barge loading and even now you see the barges pass by on the river. Yoshi was a bit surprised with the size of the barges and that they were being pushed instead of traveling by their own power. The first annual Big Bend Blues Bash was being held right there near the walkway that abuts up against the river so it’s a peaceful scene. Plus we’re looking over into West Virginia as well. Can you feel the POWER WEST VIRGINIA!? Sending some sonic-love there. Anyhoo…we make our diagonal trek across the state and show up to load in. It’s a hot afternoon here in Pomeroy today and we just put our equipment underneath the stage so as not to be out in the sun getting baked. With most of my cases being black it’s not a good thing. We retreat back to our humble motel rooms and ride out the heatwave to the sounds of our whirring noisy A/C’s in our rooms.

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Back at the gig, the sun is down and the stars are making their appearance and we listen to a band out of Memphis playing on the stage. They’ve got this ‘garage-rock’ 70’s type sound going for them and they’ve also got the youthful exuberance on their side cuz’ they can’t be but in their mid-20’s. I’m liking their spirit and it’s fun to listen to them. We trade compliments with each other respective to our position in the line-up; them coming off and us saying – Sounded great!- and they’re saying – Looking forward to hearing you guys! Keeping up the proper protocol in the brotherhood. I did enjoy them. We set up and it’s a steamy, humid night and I can tell I’m just going to be sweating like crazy on this gig. We kick in and we’re off. After a couple of songs you can see the droplets gathering in greater density on the stage where I’m playing and it hasn’t abated yet. My hand is up and down on the neck and I’m making silly technical mistakes due to me ‘rocking out’ and my hand slipping past the position I’m supposed to be in. Oops. Ya’ gotta give me points for attitude though.

The gig is a blast and we’ve got his Mayoral Honor himself getting up on stage to fire the crowd up to give us encouragement to do an encore. I can’t resist the Mayor asking for more so we acquiesce and gladly launch into another song. He forgot to bring my big Key though. Maybe next time. We finish up and meet n’ greet with whosever is still hanging around and then we efficiently pack up and back to the humble motel. Oh, we did go listen to Noah Witherspoon down at the Court Grille after our show and man has he gotten good! He’s the real deal. Sings good and his playing is right up there on a high level. I was impressed and entertained all at once. A nice way to end the night. Thanx Noah.
On to Detroit tomorrow.

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