Chase County, Kansas

Chase County, Kansas

The drive to Topeka does cut through my aforementioned fave – Chase Co., and I can’t help but ruminate on things in my life and what I shall do in the future. Empty spaces as such can often evoke such thoughts to euphemistically occupy it. Arriving at Uncle Bo’s, it’s a club that’s a real throwback from the 70’s and part of the 80’s. Meaning it’s a club located in a hotel. The Ramada Inn that is situated in downtown Topeka off I-70 and not too far from the Capitol building is of the time I mentioned too but with a charm all its own. It’s convenient with our rooms in the same building so our load in is without the drive after the gig. It’s a nice break in our quotidian events.

Uncle Bo's, Topeka

Uncle Bo’s, Topeka

Since it’s a Wednesday the crowd is brisk but not light. We have our die-hard fans that have driven far and  they intend on following us for the next several engagements, Traci & Toni, also Brock and his wife Sam have come up as well from Wichita after putting on the show we did down there for the vets. We work up Metaphor song at sound check, the one I released on Love > Me album, #3, and with ambition and nerve we start to play the song live warts and all. I know as the gigs go on, we’ll start dialing in this song and it will start to stand on its own. Tonight the stage is sounding good because my monitors sound like my amp and when I can get a good mix on the stage with the amp’s sound at my back and an even quality of my amp hitting me in front, it gives me this stereo effect as it surrounds me and I can hear everything I attempt with all the nuances and subtleties. Plus it’s just our third gig on the tour and I’m encouraged on how good the group is starting to gel. We get through Metaphor and it’s another auspicious gig for us. The future of the tour is looking bright.

On to Omaha….

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