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Sergeant Floyd Monument

Sioux City Iowa is next on the itinerary. I’ve watched this town grow the past 20 plus years I’ve been playing here. It actually is the home of Sioux Bee Honey. Many a morning I remember looking at the lovely Native America/Tinkerbell girl donning the outside of a honey jar while eating breakfast growing up. We’ve played many clubs here but now we’re playing the Chesterfield off the downtown area. When you come into town from the south up I-29 you see a tall obelisk on the right upon a hill and that’s a tribute and memorial to Sgt. Floyd. Sgt. Floyd was the only person in the Louis and Clark expedition to die. It happened pretty much near the beginning of the mission. It wasn’t some shoot-out or anything of that dramatic nature, he unfortunately just got sick according to Clark, the assigned physician on the expedition but modern physicians and historians agree it was probably appendicitis. I know this cuz’ I read about the L&C Expedition. Fascinating journey, it’s amazing that they made it back all intact sans one member and they only had one violent altercation with the Native Americans. A testament to the level headedness and pragmatism of the men Jefferson chose to lead such a daunting journey.

chesterfieldAnyhoo, we enter the city and set up. The Chesterfield is a long and narrow club with the stage at the very back of the layout. It opens up into the performance room and the PA is more than ample too. After running through a few things we strike what we can for the opening band. Leave em’ a little room. We’re not stingy with stage room, if we can accommodate those guys we do. I have had run-ins with ‘difficult’ bands before when I’ve been the ‘pesky opening band’ but you can’t take it personally and you just have to take it as the station you occupy. We get to the club and it’s a fine showing of fans. The room has a lot of people in it and we rip into our show. Go for the jugular is what I say and give em’ a ‘left-right-uppercut’ to wake the people up. Sometimes we’re just relentless in our shows and it does produce the aural fatigue factor so we thin out the herd at times and tonight was one of these nights. All that was left near the end of the show were the ‘hard-cores’. God luv’ em’. It was another good night in the books and we’ll be traveling to Cedar Rapids tomorrow.

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