The Collectable Posters:

This concept started when Chris needed a poster for his show at Biscuits & Blues in June, 2015.  After one poster was developed, Chris thought it would be a cool experiment to create custom individual posters for some select shows, with the idea that fans could enjoy a collector series of specific shows.  While each poster has its own specific look, all nine posters have a watermark, that when put together in a grid show a larger design that ties all the posters together in distinctive Chris Duarte fashion.

To further the “collectable” concept, each poster would have a very limited production run of 25.  Those 25 posters would be available for sale at the intended Chris Duarte show, and autographed by Chris.  When the 25 posters are gone, they’re gone.  It would be quite a feat for a fan to collect all nine autographed posters.

Designs for the posters are created by fan-contributed media and media from Chris Duarte’s own collections.  Fans are welcome to submit media and suggestions through Chris Duarte’s Facebook page.

**Since doing the original nine posters, we went on to continue doing artwork for various shows, t-shirts, and other graphics-related work Chris Duarte needed done.  Below are samples of some projects.  We always ensure the photographers contributing work are given proper credit for their work.  Chris wouldn’t have it any other way.

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