Pulling into San Antonio still brings up a collage of memories in my mind, even to this day. There are the obvious changes to the landscape and cityscape that give me pause from time to time but it’s the sense of belonging or not belonging that seeps in me. This trip our hotel was down the street from the last place my family had lived together with our Mom. I discovered it when I went on a grocery run to stock up on fruits and such. Although I didn’t go on the property, which now was gated, I could still see down the drive we lived on. It basically looked the same. After all those years and it’s still the same, well, as same as a look out my window side while cruising by at 30 mph can give you. That being done, it was time to get to load in.

sams-burger-joint2Sam’s Burger’s is a great place. Nice high stage, well laid out room, good PA, another good performance hall. I keep busting the manager’s chops about not having a picture of me on the wall, ‘Come on! Hometown boy isn’t up? Not even a small pic?’ He just shrugs his shoulders and tells me ‘One day’. No opener so it’s just us playing. The crowd isn’t big but it’s respectable for a Tuesday night and so close to Christmas. Some of my old school mates are still showing up and it warms me no end that they continue to support me. Plus my old best friend James called up his family and they showed up, Rita, Lisa and Mrs. Davis. His Mom has remarried but she’ll always be Mrs. Davis to me. It was pretty cool sitting down with them and catching up.

The Blues Society also threw in their support for this gig so I’m real appreciative of them for all they do on my behalf. The show went fine and I’m playing OK. Still I have to reach higher. The battle between desire and ambition rages on.sams-inside

  • Sharon Boling

    Hey Chris! It’s Sharon. I am so bummed I have missed your last 2 times at Sam’s.
    I have had a couple of surgeries and some health issues. I look really forward to seeing you
    perform. Man, I love your work.You are awesome! I am single, single now No more bad boyfriend
    and no more trying to make it work with the ex husband!!

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