Buc ee’s! Woo!

We leave the confines of our snug little hotel off I-45 and we jump on I-10 towards our engagement in San Antonio. There is something that we have to do though that has become somewhat of a tradition now when we go through Texas; Stop at Buc-ee’s! Buc-ee’s is this incredible Texas-sized truck stop/shopping/food /AWESOME place! With gas pumps at some in what can only be considered ‘acres of’ it’s an amazing big-box-store business and the prices at the pumps are just about the cheapest in the state. They got their business model set up right, pull em’ in with low gas prices and dazzle em’ when they step inside. Works every time. I’m a bit on the stringent side today and I just get gas and a big unsweet ice tea. The guys buy some sandwiches and its back on the road for us. I’m actually holding out for the hamburgers at Sam’s Burger Joint.


Sam’s Burgers – ’nuff said!

They are really awesome. We get to our hotel, check in and chill for a few moments then we head down to the club. Really like this place. Nice stage and good system. All my old friends come out and my big Sis’ makes an appearance and I make the official debut of my new song that’s a Tejano inspired number. Called ‘Wasting Away’ I’ve also worked in a pass through the form where I sing in Spanish but even though I’m a bit familiar with the language and have a rudimentary grasp of ‘restaurant’ Spanish, I’m still gaffing some of the lines but it’s going to get better. I also try to mimic the accordion sound with some of the lines I wrote. This too is proving a bit of a challenge but I’m up for it. Practice practice practice. We put on a good show and I was in my usual ‘anecdotal’ form and it was a good time for us. Texas will always be home to me.

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