Jan. 7th – Ram’s Head, Annapolis, MD

Like I’ve stated before, I’m not too keen on first gigs of a tour when I’ve had time-off for more than a couple of weeks. The physical nature of my playing takes a bit of acclimating. My fingers, recalcitrant in their ways brought on due to the aforementioned downtime, slowly wake up as the gig progresses. Usually around the few last songs, but I was not deterred because we were finally back at the Ram’s Head. A venue I enjoy immensely and a locale I have had memorable shows at, plus my fans always turn out at this venue because of its fine ambiance and listener participation with being ramped up for the frenzy moments and reverent in the delicate moments. If I were to perform one of my few classical pieces that I still retain in my personal musical repertoire, it would be at the Ram’s Head.

CDG-Rams-Head tartanThe Stewart tartan christens this Kilt Tour, (the orange and green one), the first of a few kilt tours I plan on doing this year. With my newly acquired ‘flashes’ that adorn my knee socks for an added ‘zest’ to the ensemble, we hit the stage. My fingers not all there but my attitude and ambition is winning the day for me. The audience tonight is of more than a respectable size for so soon after the holidays and New Year’s. One would have expected most to go into a financial and agora-like hibernation what with all the activities that attend the preceding holiday season. Me and my group cut through the songs and strive for our strong tour weathered equilibrium we’ve cultivated after our 1 year plus of being together. As I predicted I start to come alive in the last few songs of our set but it’s our energy and attitude that has won the battle and we conclude on a high note.

I meet with my fans that have stayed the course to the end of the night and it warms me to no end their continued interest and efforts to come to my shows. No matter what the conditions might be, they are still there. This year is starting off well.

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