Rockin’ the Ulster Kilt and sexy matching high tops!

‘Could you roll up that extension cord like a guitar cord please? When you roll it like that it starts to get twisted up. Thanks.’ That’s me giving Dustin some instruction on the long extension cords I bring along to help my van start up on these extremely cold nights of single digit temps.

Our night in Dover, or to be more precise Magnolia, is always a fun spot. Jonathan’s Landing is an interesting place cuz’ its owner and manager Craig has been having bands play in the back functions room for a while now and it’s quite unique to pull up to a golf course clubhouse and load in and play. Not my first time at a golf course but this one is a venue for night time events on a regular basis and that’s the unique part. We have always had fun here. With ample room for people to sit and an upstairs as well, the only part we have to slightly endure is the puffy almost billowy rug we set up on. With the varying thickness and plushness it does present some minor adjustments for John and his drums but my stuff isn’t too bad. The claim is that is soaks up a lot of sound and I’m not going to argue with the boss man. I’m just happy to be there.

The second night of the Kilt Tour is commencing and it’s now my Ulster Kilt that I wear tonight. I wear this cuz’ my younger sister Stephanie will be in attendance and we’re actually related to this Kilt. My mother’s side of the family has relatives that came to the states from Ireland in the Ulster province. The Tom family, so with family here I pick this kilt.

I’m feeling so much better in the fingers and mind department and I feel the rust is starting to break apart. We open with our three songs from the latest release and it’s obvious to me that I’m going to be fine tonight. Plus I’m hearing myself really good and that only inspires me to stretch for things that I can only hear in my head. Not pre-set patterns that are ready in the slips to come out, but new patterns that come to me microseconds before and then I process it and let it fly. I can’t explain the feeling that comes over me when it all works in this fashion. Overwhelming confidence and gratification flushes through me. Is this what Ambrosia tastes like? The night continues and I just keep attempting more maddening heights and complex rhythms and phrasing. This is how I get better; keep trying new things and pushing myself to dig deeper.

I may not make a lot of money doing this but boy am I grateful for the opportunity to play and ply my craft. The icing on the cake is that my fans and people coming in for the first time are making the effort to get out and see me attempt to create and work.

With Lee Hoover, Jonathan's Landing, Magnolia, DE

With Lee Hoover, Jonathan’s Landing, Magnolia, DE

I live for this!

*photos courtesy of David Wolanski

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    CDG is a force to be reckoned with .

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