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  • 01 – 313

    This song was a late addition to the body of work we already had. Until recently the number 13 has been made prominent in my life and I found it fitting to use it as a trope for this endeavor. Since we had Jeff Reilly come in to rerecord some songs and to record new material, we decided to just go in and ‘jam’ one out. I quickly wrote a couple of themes and we walked in there and hashed out a form and went for it. Later in the post I wanted to make this a concept piece and started asking about crowd noises and various other applications we could use. Including the French woman who was kind enough to lend her vocal talents at some key moments in the song. Then I went out and attempted some James Brown-like rants and hooks, add in a carnival type barker announcing the start of the show with some rhyming couplets and it hits the ground running. Why 313 again?, it’s from a muse you can’t see who likes the combo of 1 and 3.


  • 02 – Thick of It

    This is a song written by Beth Lee. Every time I saw her play this song I liked it more and more. I asked her if I could record it and she agreed and I was happy to put my spin on her fine composition. The most obvious thing I added was the kick during the choruses. I kept hearing it every time she played it. This song really turned out good and the rhythm I come up with is giving me fits trying to play it and sing at the same time. It’ll come after time. This song is one of my faves on the album. You can also search out Beth Lee and the Breakups to hear the original. She’s got a new album it’s on titled – Keep Your Mouth Shut

  • 03 – Try Your Love On Me

    I wrote this song on the airplane on the flight out to the studio in January. I played it for Steve and Chris and we started throwing out ideas on how to best facilitate the groove. I had it at a fairly mid-tempo style then Chris suggested a Steve Jordan-esque type tom-tom groove and everything started to fall into place. This is my other fave on the album. With the solos I was trying to mimic BB King’s style that he played like in the early to mid – 70’s. That bouncy unique phrasing where not every note falls on a beat. Makes it almost seem like it’s one of these whistle-while-you-work melodies as if you’re wearing headphones involved in some kind of repetitive work action and you whistle out loudly caring not or oblivious to who might be hearing you. The outro solo is especially infectious to me. Hard for me not to dance while I listen to it.


  • 04 – Wouldya Wanna

    Another Beth Lee song here. This was her first song I fell in love with, the chorus would make my heart race every time it came around. This was only heightened when Beth and I played together for the first time at the Austin Airport and I learned her songs. Loved this tune. She wasn’t too thrilled with my ‘enthusiasm’ on how I played the chorus but she acquiesced and held her acerbic tongue and declined to opine no further and rather let me play it the way I wanted cuz’ it was obvious to her that I was having fun with her song. The lyrics are great as well.


  • 05 – She’s Fine

    Another airplane song. Kind of a productive ride out to San Fran that past January. I have my moments. It’s another shuffle in the Texas sort of vein and as usual I have to put some kind of little hook intro at the top to separate it from the pack of all the other typical shuffles that get written out there. Came out nice and I decided on a little short sweet solo like the old school recordings would have; one time through and that’s it.


  • 06 – Rolling Freight Train

    Yep, another airplane song. This is me making an attempt to mimic Rev. Horton Heat. I did a few shows with him back when he was just a curious oddity to the fans and he rode around in a beat-up Chevy Suburban with all the windows down during the hottest time of the year in Texas. He is something. I’m jumping into the foray of Hell bound Rockabilly and having fun while doing it. No use trying to be cerebral with this song, all emotion and visceral motives. The very ending is me trying to create the visualization of the protagonist on his descending into Hell and you hear the train leaving in the distance after the gates have shut behind him. Thank you Bob Ezrin.


  • 07 – I Can’t Help Myself

    Muses come in many forms. From the euphemistically complex to the painfully obvious. This one was easy. I wanted to harken back to the western swing days of the 60’s and the country crooners that I remembered listening to when my Mom would spin records or listen to the radio as I was growing up. The lyrics need no explaining and the guitar is an attempt at what most of us guitar players in Austin are trying to be; Redd Volkaert. Nuff’ said there.


  • 08 – Wasting Away

    Growing up in San Antonio during the impressionable years towards the age of 16, I heard Tejano music all the time. When I lived on the far side of South San Antonio, I would go up to Mission Park and hear the Tejano bands that played up there on occasion. I started to love the stripped down instrumentation of the quartet; 12 string guitar, bass, accordion, drums and usually two part harmony. My guitar is doing its best to sound like the accordion with the melody and the acoustic guitar is holding down the beat for the dancers. I’m singing about love and breakups and it wouldn’t be complete without the word ‘Corazon’ somewhere in there. This music will always be close to my Corazon.

  • 09 – Pop Song

    Not the most eye catching title and plaintive to say the least. I wrote this song a long time ago and it was one of those songs where it all came together in about 20 minutes. Back before there were cell phones, while being on the road, if you didn’t call home or check in with regularity minds would tend to wander and not always in good places. We’ve all been there at one time or another and this was one of mine. Also I was trying to be like Green Day. Their first album was out and I liked it. The formula is the simple melodic vocal line and easy chordal structure. Throw in a Les Paul through a Marshall and frenetic drums and it gets my heart pumping. I’ve always loved this song.

  • 10 – Screenwriter’s Blues  (the LA Song)

    I’ve been a huge Soul Coughing fan ever since I first heard them. We were playing Telluride Colorado back in the day and John Jordan and I were sitting at the bar after we arrived there mid-afternoon for load in. There was this music playing on the club system and we were both wondering who it was cuz’ we were really digging it. Turned out is was Soul Coughing’s first album – Ruby Vroom and boy did it get me. Besides Blue-Eyed Devil, it was Screenwriter’s Blues that seemed to seep into my DNA. I started to mess around with it and came up with an arrangement and added a few lines to stretch it out so as the groove could continue and then made room for an outro solo at the end. It’s taken years for me to settle on this version and I’m kind of glad for the permanency the rambling part at the end will now have. This song has always been a crowd fave and it never fails when at the end of the night someone would invariably come up to the merchandise table and ask, ‘Which cd has that L.A. song on it?’

  • 11 – You Suck

    Born out of a painful marriage counseling session, I chose not to remember the hurtful things said to me but decided to use them in a song of angst and abandonment. It’s as if I took those feelings out of me and put them in this raucous guitar heavy song because those sentiments look and feel better on the outside rather than the anxious and uncomfortable spot they occupied inside of me. Most of the words are what was said verbatim during that fateful session. Never know when the inspiration strikes.

  • 12 – Bigger Wheel

    This song was brought in by the studio owner and co-producer Mooka Rennick. It’s a Stephen Bruton and Al Anderson (NRBQ), collaboration and we did our best to get it down. I like the tune but I’m not a genius and songs take a while for it to internalize with me. Plus it was the first one we worked on in the April session of recording. Mooka wanted me to write a part to it as a kind of testimonial of my past transgressions and eventual overcoming of the way I was heading down the dark path. I would’ve liked to have had more time with this song. Still it sounds pretty good.

  • 13 – Mary

    A day in the life.

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