On our day off for travel we left to go east towards Indiana after doing our last show in Iowa. A bit of good Samaritan-ship was offered before we left town. While going back to our hotel, cuz’ I left something in my room, we came upon a man who was having a seizure on the side of the street. If anyone has seen someone have a full on seizure it can be a disturbing sight. With extremities held out against gravity contorted and rigid, it makes you feel helpless when trying to render aid to alleviate what obviously appears to be a suffering of some sort. Another woman had stopped her car in the street and I had parked the van and gotten out as well. We both stood there and really just made sure he was safe cuz’ after all he was in the street. Don’t take the advice from Hollywood on what to do when someone has an epileptic like seizure, like inserting something in their mouth or holding them down, just make sure they’re in safe conditions to let the seizure ride out. Remember, Hollywood is there to present drama and action. Even reality shows are staged. So we called 911 while the both of us stayed with the man while he went through what seemed like a long time but really was only about 2 minutes of contractions. After that he slowly started to come around but we assured him he was safe and that help was on the way and to just stay calm and don’t get up. I remember the sun was high in the sky and behind my back and as he was coming around I would position myself to shield his face from the glare, in other words casting a shadow across him so as to lessen the stress of this bright light coming into his awakening consciousness. Another man stopped and the woman had to get to work so we stayed with the recovering man till the Emergency Techs arrived. We answered a few questions and apprised the ET’s of the events and then let them do their job. It’s reassuring for me to help out someone in need so as my faith in humanity stays strong even while I’m going through a bit of a tough time in my personal life. With that now concluded I retrieve my things and we venture on to Indiana.

One More Cup & Minefields, courtesy of Jim Bauw

So the club we play is called Beer Geeks. The club’s calling card is its huge selection of special beers and ales and all of the sorts. I never drank much and beer was really way down on my priority list in learning but there is a huge following of avid beer drinkers for the epicurean and refined palates. It’s a small room but we’ve managed to sell out the venue so we’re excited about that. There is no stage but rather an open area where a band can be accommodated and it’s within that assigned perimeter that we set up in. After getting used to the PA and the aural lay-of-the-land we start our show with the ‘Lucky 13 trio’ of songs; Trane’, Ain’t Gonna Hurt No More and Angry Man. After that is varies.  I’ll probably be doing this same start-up for maybe a month or so while the new album is still a bit fresh. I can feel in my fingers the day off drive from yesterday and I’m striving to get back to the point I was at when I last played this past Sunday. By the second set I’m starting to feel the connection come back and I start pushing myself in new directions. It was good to see some of my old and true fans at the club because Beer Geeks is basically a far reaching suburb of the great Chicago metro area. It’s not a far drive to downtown Michigan Ave, but as Chicago might be known as the ‘Second City’, it was my ‘First City’ in popularity when Texas Sugar was riding high. I headlined ‘Park West’ a couple of times; even once almost selling it out. It was quite the ride. I still have a bit of a following but I don’t play Chicago proper enough to have maintained that esteemed level I used to have so it was gratifying to see some of those fans from those days. I hope I’m still as good as they remember. By the end of the show there’s still a good crowd hanging on for the last notes and I have a long visit at the merch’ table and with a few people before I could start to pack up my stuff. This night had more than just music to feed my soul, it was also about reconnecting with my stalwart fans and friends from days past and we all know that’s good for the heart too.

I still love what I do. I’m so Lucky. Now back to Iowa…

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  • Rob Hartman

    I sincerely regret knowing you played 20 minutes from where I live, and missed tou playing there.
    You played st Mars club in Bloomington, Indiana several years ago, and I saw you perform again at Buddy Guy’s Legends…. You are a phenomenal guitarist with awesome on stage energy. Hopefully, I will catch you thru the area next time. God bless the rest of your tour.
    Keep up the impeccable career.

  • Sharon Boling

    Hey Chris! I know you remember me from High School – we chatted on fb a couple of years ago. I am so very sorry I did not make it out to Sam’s Burger Jt. that night. Issues with my niece kind of ruined my plans.
    However!!! A couple of friends and I will be there @ Sam’s Burger in April. Can’t wait to see you. Hope we have a chance to talk.
    Blessings my friend!
    xoxoxo, Sharon Boling

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